Little Wren Pottery is a handmade ceramics studio run by English potter Victoria Baker in the picturesque market town of Northallerton, North Yorkshire focusing on functional yet decorative items for everyday use.

A new pottery kiln in the studio

newkilns 1 A new pottery kiln in the studio

This week I received my new kiln, this is the third one in the kiln room and its also the largest. It always feels like a big deal to get new equipment and hopefully it’ll mean that I’m prepared for the final quarter of the year when deadlines are tight!

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From my favourites – Spring finds

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a post like this!

With thoughts turning to warmer weather and springtime I’ve made a few Etsy picks from my favourites showcasing a few springtime picks. Theres a real light and airy feeling you get from this time of year and hopefully these choices reflect that.

spring finds 2014 From my favourites   Spring finds

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Stung by the sewing bee

I don’t watch that much TV but recently I’ve been glued to the sewing bee, its a great show and strangely compelling! We’ve had a sewing machine in our house for a while now and it’s mostly been used to create soft furnishings – curtains and cushions.

sewing top1 Stung by the sewing bee

This was my first go at following a pattern and creating a garment to wear. I tried to pick something that was going to be easy to follow, make and in a fabric that was going to be easy to work with.

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Looking back at a few custom pottery orders

March is a busy month with Mother’s Day and spring in the air, I’ve been working on a variety of custom orders and lots of yarn bowls!

customorders march4 Looking back at a few custom pottery orders

This pair of yarn bowls were a design challenge, the symbol on the front is Beaivi the Sami symbol for the sun. I’ve been to Finland a few times and seen Sami symbols on jewellery, Sami are a nomadic tribal people who live in the arctic circle. In a way the Beaivi symbol is very similar to the Sun and Moon yarn bowl since they’re both celestial symbols.

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A trip to Thorp Perrow and Bedale

thorpe perrow 3 A trip to Thorp Perrow and Bedale

The weather has been improving lately as we head towards British Summer Time, its not quite as cold out and the spring buds are in bloom. After the chilly days of winter it’s nice to be able to get out and about!

Thorp Perrow is one of the RHS gardens located next to Bedale it has both formal gardens and more natural woodland landscapes. Everywhere you turned you could see very pretty vistas and something to attract the eye. From formal box hedges to untamed snowdrop woods it had a showcase for all types of planting.

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