On the trail of perfect pizza

I’ve been making pizza at home for a while now, mainly because there aren’t any decent pizza shops locally and I wasn’t really feeling like eating from frozen. This dough uses a secret ingredient to help power the yeast and that’s honey.

Pizza dough is surprisingly easy and low maintenance to make ideally it’s best to make the morning you want to eat it. Letting it prove for a long time helps the dough to develop more flavour although if your short on time you can put it together quickly too!
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Banana prune frozen yogurt recipe

Ok so banana and prunes don’t sound like the most appetizing combination ever but theres a reason behind such culinary madness.

Back when I was in University about 2006-2007 I decided I was going to become Vegetarian, unfortunately my body couldn’t keep up with such a dramatic shift in my diet. I took a bit of a nasty turn one day and it totally took me by surprise, the doctor told me it was a combination of stress and change in diet that had brought it on.
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