Happy new year

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog, Christmas was exceptionally busy and kept me away from the computer for a while. At the start of this new year I’d like to thank all of you for supporting Little Wren Pottery because without you my business wouldn’t be possible. From buying my work to recommending me to a friend or just reading the blog it all helps to support my work.
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Saying goodbye to Red Jasper and Sage Green

Last week I updated the glaze chart to reflect a few of the changes taking place in the colour selections. Some of the limited edition colours are being phased out and the first two to go are Red Jasper and Sage green.

I do have a small amount of each glaze left but unfortunately not enough to now offer them as permanent colours in the glaze chart. Over the next few weeks I’ll be trying to use them up on smaller pieces such as mugs and small bowls.
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How Little Wren Pottery got its name

I quite often get asked how Little Wren Pottery got its name, its quite a long story of builders and birds so I hope your sitting tight!

We were having some building work done to our house and it was getting pretty depressing, our house was a bomb-site for months even on Christmas day.

The garden is always full of birds looking for a tasty meal and our builders hadn’t been back for several months. We were moving into springtime and the birds outside were building nests. Hopping around outside was a little Wren who decided he was going to build a nest in our exposed cavity wall insulation.
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