A trip to Islay, Scotland

So the last couple of weeks you might have noticed there were no new blog entries because I was away in the wilds of Scotland. The weather was searingly hot not something you normally associate with Scottish summers but with Islay sheltered from the gulf stream and a lack of trees on the island the sun would really beat down.
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A trip to London

At the start of the year HippieDalek and I took a trip to the bright lights of the big city, it was nice to be in London as a tourist rather than being there ‘for’ any particular event. We had a great time touring the city. There were so many ‘highlights’ from our trip its hard to pick out just a few but here we go!

I think most photos on my camera are of the facinating props and sets of the Harry Potter Studio Tour. If your a massive Harry Potter fan like me then you’ll love taking a peek behind the scenes, even if your not I do think its interesting to see quite what goes on in making feature films quite on that sort of scale. Be warned though grab lunch before going on the tour as it can take up to three hours! Having seen so many of the sets and visiting so many of the Harry Potter locations from the first film it has made me want to re-watch them all over again.
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A brush with fame, or a tribute to Neil Gaiman

If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed this weekend’s tweets were mostly about my trip through to Edinburgh to see Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy performed live.

I used to watch Hitchhiker’s when I was a kid mesmerized by the somewhat simple special effects and computer style animations created by TV wizards at the BBC. I’ve always loved the music of science fiction series as well. There’s something familiar and so optimistic about their cheery jingles, the Hitchhiker’s one being particularly memorable.
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Sunny Norfolk

A few days last week I was away in Norfolk enjoying the brief heat wave that was sweeping the country and it was really hot!

While I didn’t see that much pottery when I was there there was lots of time for walking along the beach, ice cream and real chippy chips!

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