Summer Fruit Pavlova

Last Sunday was Father’s Day, I’m fortunate enough to have quite a good relationship with my parents when I was at University I knew a lot of people my own age had quite strained and difficult relations with their immediate family. In a way it made me feel more fortunate and a little sad for them – maybe we should take these family days as a moment to try and overlook the more troubled times and just enjoy being together.

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Top of the pops!

It’s been a while since Fathers Day came and went – I made my Dad a ginger cake with cream cheese frosting and these custom soft drink labels. I wanted to share these printables with you for your next day to celebrate Dad maybe thats a birthday, anniversary or just to cheer him up!
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Father’s Day tea party printables

Sunday was Father’s Day and I wracked my brain for ages trying to figure out what to do for my Dad. I decided a store bought gift just wasn’t going to cut it and I decided to indulge one of my Dad’s favourite things – afternoon cream tea.

If you’re not familiar with cream tea’s they’re simply scones served with clotted cream, jam and a pot of tea. I always put jam on first and then cream, I don’t know if thats the ‘correct’ way to do it but it works for me!
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Happy Fathers Day!

I hope you all had a great day with your Dads. My Dad and I went to Hexham Races, it was ladies day and the hottest of the summer I’ve experienced yet. Dad didn’t win anything but I came up trumps for the first race of the day winning £20.

I also got my Dad a couple of small gifts some beer soap from The Beer Soap Company and the great dad songs card by Konnie Kapow!

When we got home it was time to make tea. I’d been working on this lasagna for about 4 days stewing the Bolognese sauce, it might surprise you to know that I’d never made it before. Multiple cookings of the sauce help to develop its flavour before layering it up.

Because I’m on a continual diet I made a ‘skinny’ lasagna made with Philadelphia extra light. For some reason once it’d baked it tasted like crumbly goats cheese.

However I’m pretty sure you’re here to see dessert. I made this chocolate and hazelnut cake, the original recipe for this is in the ‘Hummingbird Bakery Book’. Its actually supposed to be a cupcake but I doubled the mixture and turned it into a cake.

It turned out really nice with a soft crumb and sweet nutty flavour, the only thing I didn’t increase to exactly double was the sugar. If I’d done that it would have included 280 grams of sugar, yikes! So instead I went with 200 grams and even then it was slightly on the sweet side.

The other thing I came back to was this post on the storque about my Dad and I. So thrilled to be featured on there thanks Amity! You can also read an interview with me on the Creativity Speaks blog where I talk about process and marketing.

Getting crafty for Fathers Day

Dads are difficult, for some reason mothers day is easy perhaps its something about being the same gender. New shoes, a handbag, trip to the spa all these things are great for Mums but what about Dads?

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Crafting together

Its been a while since I posted anything that was directly craft / making related. I was asked the other day by Amity of the UK Etsy blog if I could provide some photos of me and my dad together both what we’re like now and when I was young.

I didn’t actually have any pictures on hand of myself and my Dad crafting, we don’t normally craft together at the same time and usually I just ask him for advice if I’m having difficulty. So the other evening there were some pots that needed glazing and so we decided to do them together for a change. Continue reading