More customisation options for pots

A few months back I started experimenting on a project using ceramic transfers. It’s not something I’ve really ever had experience with both in the designing and application of them. Lately a regular customer of ours wanted a more complex design for some mugs handed out as awards. So as part of the project I designed a ceramic transfer, I actually learnt a lot just by doing this.

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Business to business sales

Gleneagles pet bowl

I have something to confess; I’m not a huge fan of wholesaling. I know a lot of books on small business and even other small business owners themselves love wholesaling their work. Partly because it increases your own sales but also exposes your designs and products to a broader range of people than you could reach on your own. I know saying I don’t like it is potentially quite controversial but there is something I prefer instead and that’s business to business sales.

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Custom orders from the studio

Sometimes pottery leaves the studio as a custom order – something that’s just a little bit different from the kinds of work I normally make. It offers up a new way of working with unexpected results. While I’m not always able to accommodate every request being flexible can create pieces that I would never have thought of on my own.

I’ve chosen a few favorites to showcase from the pieces I’ve created between January and the end of March. The first is this unusually coloured yarn bowl with a Midnight blue inside and Vanilla cream outside. These two glaze colours and differing textures work so well together and the ‘wool’ wording really stands out! If you’d like a yarn bowl glazed in an unusual colour like this you can in the notes to seller on either Etsy or Folksy make a special request.

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Custom orders

I’ve recently started doing custom orders in my shop, I managed to get the ball rolling with Shadow from FeltFusion.

She requested two items a berry bowl and yarn bowl.

The first step was to sketch out some designs of how the bowls might look once finished. Then it was on to the wheel to try and make these bowl designs become a reality.

Up until this point all was going well, however I had ordered a new kiln and it arrived new and shiny in January. I was quite eager to take it for a proverbial spin and loaded it up for its very first firing.
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