Homemade Chai spice syrup

I’m not a big black tea drinker which might seem a little surprising, I just tend to find the flavour too strong and too bitter. One of the few caffeinated drinks I actually like is hot spiced Chai.

I’ve had a fair variety of them too but I’ve gotten a bit tired of either having to get them in town or make it with powder which always tastes grainy especially as you get to the end. Here’s my recipe for making your own at home, a couple of tips – buy your spices as asian supermarkets the packets are bigger and cost half the price. My second tip would be to make sure your water is boiling when you make this, I was a little gentle with the heat and didn’t get my pan up to speed at the start – if you want it to be a really thick strong flavour you need to give it a good boil!
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