Saying goodbye to Red Jasper and Sage Green

Last week I updated the glaze chart to reflect a few of the changes taking place in the colour selections. Some of the limited edition colours are being phased out and the first two to go are Red Jasper and Sage green.

I do have a small amount of each glaze left but unfortunately not enough to now offer them as permanent colours in the glaze chart. Over the next few weeks I’ll be trying to use them up on smaller pieces such as mugs and small bowls.
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Have you named your tool?

I have a confession to make. I named my favourite sponge – I called him Bob. As a collector of many yet unnamed sticks and triangular pieces of wood I feel I am in good company.

For centuries potters have used tools to shape the earth itself; from the wheel to sponges and ribs there’s something deeply intimate about our relationship with pottery tools. Their curving shapes assist the daily commune between potter and clay.
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