8 Feb 14

Yorkshire Rhubarb Chutney

Saturday is market day and the appearance of forced Yorkshire Rhubarb was just tempting me to make something with it. If you’ve never had forced Rhubarb before it can be quite sharp making a very marmalade type jam as opposed to the super sweet barbs that go into a crumble.

Most chutneys follow the same basic recipe with onions and apples which provide pectin to help the chutney set easily. It’s really simple to make chutney if you can chop up a load of ingredients and throw them in a pot you can do it.
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24 May 11

Apple and Elderflower marmalade jam recipe

If you live in the UK at the moment you’ll have noticed that Elderflower is starting to bloom, its really quite early this year as I made cordial last year in late June. I still had a bit of this cordial hanging around the house, I’d made quite a lot of it so I decided to turn the last of it into jam.

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