Our values

There are a few values close to my heart both as a maker and as an individual, these core values form Little Wren Pottery’s manifesto. It’s what I hope to achieve both now and in the future as I continue to make in my little studio.

– Tradition
The craft of ceramics goes back centuries and the work of Little Wren Pottery aims to harken to a simpler time of country potteries. In every village and town in the UK traditional potters could be found making everything from tableware to chicken feeders. The rustic robust nature of potters like Issac Button finds it’s way into the design of Little Wren Pottery’s pieces continuing on the tradition of English pottery.

– Function
There’s nothing worse than buying something that looks beautiful but fails to live up to the rigours of everyday life. As a range of tableware everything that Little Wren Pottery produces is functional and created to be loved and used everyday both now and for the future.

– Quality
Everyone deserves the best quality for the money they pay, I always aim to try and go beyond the expectations of handmade pottery. From the skill in throwing to the coverage of a glaze I’m dedicated to continual improvement. As a craftsperson learning and trying new skills is important to the progression of pottery as a craft.

– Cozy home
Your home is your little world hidden away from the chaos of life beyond your front door and Little Wren Pottery aims to provide tableware that’ll comfort you and bring a smile to your face. After all there’s nothing like a warm cup of tea on a cold snowy day to warm both your hands and heart.

– Green planet
We only have one blue and green planet and it needs to be protected, all of Little Wren Pottery’s pieces are delivered to you home in recycled and biodegradable packaging materials. All the materials we use in making pieces come from the earth itself and one day it’ll return there completing it’s cycle of use. I always choose British clay which hasn’t been imported and I’m continually looking to invest in new ways that’ll make our studio greener.

– Giving thanks
The most important person involved with Little Wren Pottery is you, our customer, I always aim to provide complete satisfaction in both the product and service given. Rewarding customer loyalty is also one of my priorities providing special offers for our best customers for an extra special shopping experience.