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4 May 16

Glaze blistering

Blistering, pinholing; whatever you want to call it different words for the same annoying problem which turns perfectly good firsts into seconds instantly. Glaze blistering is an issue with glazes which use more volatile metallic compounds in their formation. Unfortunately there’s no guaranteed way of getting rid of these.
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25 Feb 16

Reclaiming clay

In making pots theres usually very little wastage and once a piece has been turned, taking off the excess clay, there tends to be a lot of shavings. These shavings collect in the wheel tray and are put into the reclaim bucket where they’re mixed with water to create a slurry.
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4 Oct 14

Finding your artistic voice

Pottery is a strange discipline because you can draw and design objects to your hearts content on paper. Once you get round to actually making it then it’s a different thing entirely, understanding the practicalities of making and what does and doesn’t make a shape attractive.
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26 Sep 14

Hand throwing narrow shapes

If you’ve placed an order over the last couple of weeks you’ll probably know I’ve been spending some time away from the studio. I’m now back and currently working through orders, if your curious about the status of your order just get in touch!

Every now and then you get a request for a bespoke piece that’s technically quite difficult. Now throwing narrow tube shapes might not seem difficult but there are a number of pitfalls, for this reason it’s not something I do very often and I’ve only gotten better at it over a long period of time.
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