Hand throwing narrow shapes

If you’ve placed an order over the last couple of weeks you’ll probably know I’ve been spending some time away from the studio. I’m now back and currently working through orders, if your curious about the status of your order just get in touch!

Every now and then you get a request for a bespoke piece that’s technically quite difficult. Now throwing narrow tube shapes might not seem difficult but there are a number of pitfalls, for this reason it’s not something I do very often and I’ve only gotten better at it over a long period of time.
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A few custom orders

Quite often I get asked to make custom pottery orders and while I can’t always accommodate them I do try to whenever possible. The problem with making something you’ve never created before is the element of the unknown, you simply don’t know how it’ll turn out. It’s always a nice surprise when things turn out better than you expect!

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Anchors away!

Sometimes at Fairs I get asked questions I don’t expect and why I make anchor mugs was one of them. While I know the nautical trend isn’t going away anytime soon there are a few good reasons for this seaside theme.

In creating these anchor mugs I was intentionally looking to break up the shop with a more ‘manly’ item. While most of my pieces aren’t gendered subconsciously or not I’m sure my work has a feminine touch to it!

The shape of these has changed through various iterations and has settled on a one I think of as a vintage milk bottle or churn shape. The barrel body and narrow neck helps to keep whatever your drinking warm as it reduces the exposed surface area at the top.
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Pottery Quarterly

This post is almost totally the opposite of the one a couple weeks ago about Ceramic Review. Pottery Quarterly is quite an old magazine published during the 50’s and 60’s, these were given to me by my Dad’s old pottery teacher Ron. I’ll admit I love stuff like this.
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