6 Sep 11

Pumpkin orange – strictly limited edition

I quite like experimenting with colour, its funny how often alternative colours or shades makes a piece which have been made the same look so different. I particularly love it at fairs when someone comes up to me and says ‘I’ve never seen such vibrant colours on pottery before’.

Some little part of me loves how colour can totally change people’s perception of what handmade pottery can be. With that in mind you may have seen me posting photos over on Twitter or Facebook of a certain orange shade.
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3 May 11

White dappled milk jug – Item of the month

It feels like theres been a lot going on in the last month with our sale coming to an end, all the bank holidays and being visited by professional photographer Mike Oakes.

I’m really looking forward to getting the photos from Mike and sharing them with you all here. Until then I give you May’s pottery item of the month, this hand thrown white linen inspired pouring jug.

pottery pouring jug

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5 Apr 11

Item of the month – set of four porcelain cups

I know we’re now five days into April but its not too late to launch April’s item of the month.

This month its this set of four porcelain teacups, each one has been glazed in glossy white and over sprayed with a delicate blue tone. Each one has a very dainty appearance, you could pair these up with a jar for storing tea or some serving dishes for afternoon treats!
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1 Feb 11

Item of the month – short lidded pottery storage jar

If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed I mentioned last week that I was going to start an ‘item of the month’ promotion.

Every month I’ll pick one piece to be item of the month, when you purchase this item you’ll get 20% off the total of any subsequent purchases you make.

With the new 2011 range there are more pieces that work better together and I’m keen that when these new works go out into the world they go there with a companion.
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