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3 Apr 12

What’s in your yarn bowl?

I’d been knitting beatnik for what felt like forever and as the pieces came together I was worried that it wouldn’t fit. I’d never knit such a slim fitting jumper before but from the moment I tried it on I loved it.

I knit my version in Rowan’s Superwash Aran in a steel grey, since it’s a free pattern and a lovely knit I’d encourage you to give it a go too!
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8 Mar 12

Friendship bracelets

When I was a young girl I enjoyed writing to my pen friend, playing tag and drawing but making friendship bracelets wasn’t one of them. Before the internet if you didn’t know someone who could teach you or find a book to show you how to do it then the process was just a mystery.

Today is also International Women’s Day and in my younger days I think I struggled with being female, finding your voice and identity as a woman is a difficult thing – especially for girls. There are so many messages and social pressures, often these messages masquerade themselves as female empowerment but are really just another form of control.
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20 Feb 12

Living Terrariums

Recently all over the internet I’ve been seeing Terrariums pop up, I love how they look like little worlds and forests inside a jar and I thought I’d have a go at making one.

There are two basic types of Terrarium, preserved and living. Preserved Terrarium are made from air plants and preserved moss but living ones are always changing rather than being fixed. My Terrarium is made from living moss, herb cuttings, mustard seeds and a flowering rock garden plant called ‘carpet of snow’.
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9 Jan 12

There’s something brewing

Home brew

Making home brew is something I’ve always wanted to try, I think I’ve wanted to understand more about the brewing process and become more ‘involved’. When I go down the pub I always prefer to drink real ale – my favourite being Fursty Ferret and Double Maxim.

For Christmas my boyfriend got me a brewing kit and so far its been quite a fascinating experience. From mixing it all in the fermentation tank to actually being able to taste the sweet to bitter flavour as it develops.
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15 Sep 11

Making glass paperweights

My great grandfather was a glass blower for the Pyrex factory and because of this I’ve always wanted to learn more about glass. I never met my grandparents but I think through craft you can in some small way connect with your past, it becomes a very immediate physical link since making glass hasn’t changed for centuries.
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