Snow meringue frosting

I’ve made quite a few cakes now from Harry Eastwood’s book ‘Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache’, it’s a great book and I think over time I’ve gotten better at the techniques of baking gluten free cakes. One of the key things not to skip is whisking the eggs and sugar together, this really helps to create lift in the cake.

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Pumpkin brownie cheesecake

It’s getting to be a pretty busy time in the studio at the moment as we get closer to christmas I usually try and speed up production time to reduce the wait but unfortunately the 3-4 weeks seems here to stay. Outside it still feels like autumn even though apparently that’s set to change further towards the end of this week.
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Banana Pancakes

I probably shouldn’t say this as a European but I love American style pancakes. Crepes have their place and are of course delicious – I’ve always had a deep love for savoury crepes filled with cheese! Especially if you leave them in the pan for a few minutes to get the cheese to melt… European style pancakes really showcase the filling that you put inside.

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Beer bread recipe

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, thats a picture of a glass on a pottery blog. Back in January you might remember that I made a bit of homebrew and now I’m finally starting to come to it’s end.

The kit I used was Woodeforde’s Wherry and its supposed to be the easiest kit for beginners, the beer that’s developed has changed over time and it’s been interesting to taste as the flavours as they’ve deepened.
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Homemade Chai spice syrup

I’m not a big black tea drinker which might seem a little surprising, I just tend to find the flavour too strong and too bitter. One of the few caffeinated drinks I actually like is hot spiced Chai.

I’ve had a fair variety of them too but I’ve gotten a bit tired of either having to get them in town or make it with powder which always tastes grainy especially as you get to the end. Here’s my recipe for making your own at home, a couple of tips – buy your spices as asian supermarkets the packets are bigger and cost half the price. My second tip would be to make sure your water is boiling when you make this, I was a little gentle with the heat and didn’t get my pan up to speed at the start – if you want it to be a really thick strong flavour you need to give it a good boil!
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There’s something brewing

Home brew

Making home brew is something I’ve always wanted to try, I think I’ve wanted to understand more about the brewing process and become more ‘involved’. When I go down the pub I always prefer to drink real ale – my favourite being Fursty Ferret and Double Maxim.

For Christmas my boyfriend got me a brewing kit and so far its been quite a fascinating experience. From mixing it all in the fermentation tank to actually being able to taste the sweet to bitter flavour as it develops.
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