Let’s Knit

This month you can find Little Wren Pottery in Let’s Knit magazine. It’s a great little feature so if your visiting the website for the first time hello! The piece features the ‘wool’ yarn bowl glazed in green but you can find this and all the other styles of bowls over on Etsy.

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Mini chord pulls

You may know that I make light pulls in different styles and can be glazed to order. I’ve often received requests to make smaller pulls, so many in fact I started working on a new range of mini light pulls. These smaller ones are ideal for smaller switches. If you have a bathroom mirror light, roman blinds or just don’t want a big bathroom light pull.

chord pull ceramic
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Here we are in March now and things have gotten to be very serious very quickly. I thought I should update you on how things are going in the studio regarding Coronavirus.

At the moment the event I had planned to attend at the beginning of April now has been cancelled. Currently I’m anticipating that The Wool Monty will still go ahead in June but there may be social distancing still in place at that time. It’s something that no doubt will be communicated by the event itself closer to the time. At the moment June seems both a short time and a long way off!

Jar set
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Business to business sales

Gleneagles pet bowl

I have something to confess; I’m not a huge fan of wholesaling. I know a lot of books on small business and even other small business owners themselves love wholesaling their work. Partly because it increases your own sales but also exposes your designs and products to a broader range of people than you could reach on your own. I know saying I don’t like it is potentially quite controversial but there is something I prefer instead and that’s business to business sales.

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Testing glazes

Surprisingly I’ve actually started thinking lately about new work for 2020 in the studio lately. I’ll be working on creating a new range of items soon, this will mostly be lead by a few new yarn bowl designs. I try to change the styles more regularly now than I used to. New designs are often directly inspired by customer requests I’ve had over the previous year. If I’m being asked for a certain style regularly it makes sense to incorporate it into the shop.

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Christmas last order dates

The autumn season is nearly over and Christmas is just around the corner. With that in mind I’m publishing the last postage dates for ordering from the shop. There are slightly different postage times for items in stock and items that are made to order since made to order items can take longer. If your ever in any doubt about the status of your order you can always get in touch.

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