Tan France x Etsy

Recently Little Wren Pottery participated in a collaboration project with Tan France! I was requested to contribute a mug design for the Tan France project and in the end two of them were selected. I initially wanted to create something that had a modern geometric look yet still somehow softened by the look of glazes and choice of colours.

The whole collection itself has a very relaxed feel and two tones of soft green were chosen to contrast with the Vanilla Cream. You can actually find Vanilla in the shop all year round as it’s one of my most popular base glazes.

The tulip mug features a hand painted flash of mossy green, this mug is actually the larger of the two. I also wanted to take a moment to say just how big Tan France’s hands are! These aren’t small mugs he just has very big hands.

The geometric mug has a cross dipped glaze pattern to them. The top section is dipped on the diagonal and a soft green comes to meet it. In the centre there’s a slight exposed section where you can feel the natural clay underneath.

It really means a lot to me to have contributed to the collection! You can see the full selection with all 13 other sellers who also worked with Tan on the project over on Etsy.

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