United States postage increases

Royal Mail announced this week that postage prices to the United States would be increasing from July 1st. A new postage zone has been created specifically for this which is now known as zone 3. Postage prices to other countries in the world has not changed only to the mainland U.S.

I’ve now updated my postage prices specifically for this, it is unfortunately quite a big price rise which I’d be unable to absorb as a small business. Royal Mail state that the increase is due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The scheduling of aircraft for freight mail to the United States is becoming more difficult and expensive. Also internally in the U.S. mail prices have seen an increase at the point of delivery. This double fold increase is what’s created the new postage zone.

The postage cost increases are between £4 – £7 depending upon the parcel weight of the object. Yarn bowls being in the 2 kilo bracket have seen the biggest increase in postage costs.

Postage increases are always difficult to cope with and normally they are incremental rather than a jump like this. I guess we’re living in unusual times though and I am worried about the impact that it’ll have on on the business generally. Especially in the run up to Christmas now that we’re half way through the year. There is no doubt that it’ll have an effect on the ability for customers to purchase from the shop online.

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  1. gz says:

    It is to be expected that air freight charges would rise, the UPS additional rise adds insult to injury as they say! In wonder how long it will be before postage to other countries will rise ..it already has to the EU as you will know.

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