Postage transit times

It feels like things are getting back to ‘normal’ at the moment (does anyone remember what normal is at this point!). Anyway I’ve been making new work in the studio throughout the pandemic and you can still find the shop being updated every Friday.

Unfortunately at the moment postage to the USA is taking a very long time. Postage to the United States is currently taking at least six weeks, at the moment I’m not expecting that delivery times will go down.

For UK deliveries it seems like Royal Mail dispatching times are getting back to something that resembles normal in some areas. First class parcel post is taking a day or so extra but that’s come down significantly lately now that non essential services are reopening.

As for orders in the studio things are still quite busy, lead times for yarn bowls are about 1-2 weeks for standard styles and named yarn bowls the 3-4. I am still taking dinner set orders but I still can’t send them out at the moment. I still can do deliveries out in the Northallerton area and socially distanced collections from the studio are now ok too. If your wanting to do this please get in touch!

I’m anticipating that events for the rest of 2020 will most likely be cancelled however if anything happens with that I’ll post about it here.

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