Affirmation mugs

Recently in the studio I’ve been working on restocking mugs, they’re often the kind of thing that make great gifts and do tend to sell well in the shop. I generally sell mugs in pairs but I wanted to experiment a little and sell some single mugs.

I find teatime to be, especially recently, quite comforting. Apparently it’s scientifically proven to be quite a relaxing too! I’d been thinking about making affirmation mugs for a while now but wondered if anyone would actually buy them so I guess this is an experiment. I’m also curious to see which phrase sells first.

The idea is while your taking time out to enjoy your cuppa you can read the affirmation multiple times. Hopefully many times in the days and weeks of owning your mug. If your right handed the message points towards you making it more personal. If your left handed the design will point outwards so in a way these are left handed mugs.


If there’s much demand for them I will try and make more of these. They are slightly larger than the standard mug for a bigger cup of tea! You can catch them over on Etsy in the mugs section.

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