More customisation options for pots

A few months back I started experimenting on a project using ceramic transfers. It’s not something I’ve really ever had experience with both in the designing and application of them. Lately a regular customer of ours wanted a more complex design for some mugs handed out as awards. So as part of the project I designed a ceramic transfer, I actually learnt a lot just by doing this.

The design of it wasn’t that difficult and I did the exporting for printing but it turns out larger transfers are more difficult to apply. Also the geometric shape of this is kind of unforgiving when it comes to the application. It’s really obvious when the edges of this transfer don’t line up correctly to the top of the pot with the rectangular shape!

There is of course an associated cost with adding transfers; the cost of having them made and then the secondary firing to bond them onto the surface of the pots. As a learning curve though it was pretty interesting and will hopefully allow in the future more of these types of projects!

If your looking for custom pieces as awards or commemorating events just get in touch and we could work on something together!

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