Multi-buying offers

Multiple purchasing offers have been available in the shop for a while now and while the corona virus lockdown continues here in the UK it’s an offer that I think I’ll stick to for a while yet. Multi buying discount only applies to orders being dispatched within the UK as airmail even to the EU can get quite complicated.

Swirled dish

At the moment purchases of two or more items have ten percent off, three fifteen percent and four twenty percent. Most people so far seem to have been using the two or more items offer, it’s especially good for single items which can be posted into the one box for delivery.

Just to let you know while mail is still moving both internally and abroad from the UK dispatching times are increasing. This is mostly due to social distancing at the post office and reduced hours of staff but it will make it to you eventually! It’s a difficult time for posties so please be prepared to wait a little longer with the higher volumes of mail being sent at the moment.

Unfortunately 48 hour Parcelforce services have now been suspended so I’m unable to send larger boxes of pots at this time. This includes dinnerware – so larger plates and bowls. It’s entirely due to the high volume of mail in the system at the moment. I’m not sure when this suspension will be lifted but hopefully it won’t be too long.

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