Let’s Knit

This month you can find Little Wren Pottery in Let’s Knit magazine. It’s a great little feature so if your visiting the website for the first time hello! The piece features the ‘wool’ yarn bowl glazed in green but you can find this and all the other styles of bowls over on Etsy.

I’m still currently having a sale on both imperfect and discontinued styles of bowls. Also on offer over on Etsy is a multi-purchase offer; you can get 10% off purchases of two or more, 15% off three or more and 20% off four or more. It doesn’t matter what value these purchases are but they must be from multiple listings in the shop.

At the moment post is being dispatched twice a week but most customers are reporting mail delays with both first and second class post taking slightly longer than normal. If you’ve ordered something from me and it’s been dispatched – hang on in there it’s on it’s way to you!

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