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Gleneagles pet bowl

I have something to confess; I’m not a huge fan of wholesaling. I know a lot of books on small business and even other small business owners themselves love wholesaling their work. Partly because it increases your own sales but also exposes your designs and products to a broader range of people than you could reach on your own. I know saying I don’t like it is potentially quite controversial but there is something I prefer instead and that’s business to business sales.

I’m not sure if it’s just the type of product I sell but it suits this kind of working model. The items themselves are being used in some way rather than being purchased to sell on. I work on prize givings, commemorative items, pieces for hotels and restaurants to actually use in their establishments.

I like it because most of what I make is functional ware; it’s intended to be used. That isn’t to say this method of working doesn’t present it’s own challenges. Restaurant openings can have very short lead times and sometimes it’s just not possible.

Lately I’ve been working with Padella Pasta in London to create their utensil holders for their tables. Along with Gleneagles Hotel to create dog bowls for their four legged patrons! Often this type of work creates a design and production challenge.

If you are interested in commissioning for your business just get in touch and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Padella Utensil holder

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