Yarn bowl sale!

This January I’m actually having a sale on certain styles of yarn bowls! Two styles are going on discontinuation sale. That’s right once they’re gone from the shop they won’t be coming back. I’ll actually be making way for new yarn bowl styles to come into the shop.

butterfly yarn bowl

The two styles on sale are the leaf yarn bowl and the butterfly bowl. I actually still really love both these styles but every now and then it’s good to keep the range of pieces fresh. To experiment and make new things but in order to do that I’ll be no longer supporting these styles in the studio as I’ve now stopped making them.

I still have a lot of biscuit fired pieces waiting to be glazed and also a lot of styles just in stock pre-glazed. The sale on these will officially end on the 9th of February at which point they’ll be removed from the shop. If your planning on attending The Wool Monty in Sheffield I’ll likely have a few of them at this event!

leaf yarn bowl

Over the next few months I’ll be making prototypes for the new designs. Often it takes a few attempts to get a design refined as an object! Occasionally what you draw on paper just doesn’t translate well into a pot. But once they’re completed I’ll most likely post about it here.

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