Testing glazes

Surprisingly I’ve actually started thinking lately about new work for 2020 in the studio lately. I’ll be working on creating a new range of items soon, this will mostly be lead by a few new yarn bowl designs. I try to change the styles more regularly now than I used to. New designs are often directly inspired by customer requests I’ve had over the previous year. If I’m being asked for a certain style regularly it makes sense to incorporate it into the shop.

Right now I’m gathering ideas and inspiration, trying to find things I like amongst the things I’ve seen. Motifs that can be incorporated which are in some way meaningful to me as well. It can be a challenge sometimes translating something from a flat drawing into a 3D object. Occasionally you get a great design and it somehow just doesn’t work as a finished object.

It can take many frustrating months to refine a new product or it just happens right away! There’s no in between somehow. With that in mind I’ve been experimenting with a lot of new glazes. These colours won’t change what I already offer but are an addition onto the existing range. It adds variety and a burst of colour to what I already offer in the shop.

The only thing is I have a lot of these little test tiles now and I’m still getting used to using the glaze so I suspect I’ll have a lot more of these soon!

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