A new approach to yarn bowls

Christmas always brings a lot of challenges one of which is selling yarn bowls. At this time of year most yarn bowls get sold as gifts. Normally I sell yarn bowls through made to order listings where I wait for the order to come in and then glaze them in the required colour on demand.

This year though I’ve decided to sell some pre-glazed yarn bowls. These are in the shop as just ready to purchase and to be sent out in the post. As we creep closer and closer to Christmas the lead times needed to produce bowls gets shorter. Often people are looking for that last minute gift or a yarn bowl appears on a knitters Christmas list but the purchaser don’t realise that it takes a week or two to get them glazed.

I’m hoping by having these in stock yarn bowls it’ll make the purchasing experience a little more straightforward at what is already a stressful time of the year! All yarn bowl listings now come with UK postage included so the price on the listing is the price you’ll pay at checkout. International postage is still available and for the first time ever I’m also including expedited postage on Etsy. This additional UK postage cost is for special delivery so I’ll be posting right to the end this year!

At the moment only a handful of ‘wool’ yarn bowls are available but I’ll be adding more styles and colours over the next few weeks over on Etsy.

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