New flyers for orders

Flyer front

This winter season I’m trying out something new for the first time. Starting this October I’ll be distributing Little Wren Pottery flyers into every order. It’s something I’ve always meant to try in order to showcase the work that gets produced in the studio.

I’ve been aware for a while that often people visit the shop online for one or two specific products and aren’t aware of the diversity of items that can be made. I also wanted to directly communicate how pieces come to life and answer commonly asked questions that I get for after purchase care.

Somehow it feels very professional! It’s always been suggested to me that Little Wren Pottery has a paper catalogue but often items that get made are one of a kind. There is a kind of ‘standard ware’ type range but this flyer is a move towards something like a catalogue.

I’m curious to see how many of these get included with the original item for Christmas gift giving as well as it explains a little bit about the origin of the pieces and that they’re handcrafted. However it’s easy to feel like with a flyer ultimately it’s going to be thrown away and I’m acutely aware of creating something that might feel disposable. I’ve tried to add value wherever I can to these and not just as straight up selling tools. If you get one this Christmas I’d also encourage you to recycle it whenever possible!

The flyers I ordered were printed by Mixam Printing!

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