Website changes

Mugs and vases

It’s been a long time coming but you might have noticed the Little Wren Pottery website has significantly changed! I’d been planning this for quite a long time but ‘desk’ work often gets overlooked for making pots. Since we’re about to enter the busy winter season though I felt as though it was finally time.

You might have also noticed that a lot of the old website blog posts have disappeared! Unfortunately during the migration to this new website I lost a whole load of backdated posts. I’ll be trying to correct this over the next few months but a lot of content is just gone. My database backup was just full of junk when I came to it, so let this be a lesson to always take regular backups!

The new website is more geared up towards selling which is an intentional choice mostly to try and answer more commonly asked questions about the process of making pots. Pushing the informative side of the website more rather than the blog format of ‘whats new’. I will still be updating the blog with new content but maybe not as often as before when it was every week.

A lot of the new posts to the website will be about projects that I’m working on or events that I’ll be attending so there’ll be a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ to be found here! Also if in browsing the website you find anything strange or unusual that doesn’t seem right please let me know.

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