27 Mar 19

Brexit and Little Wren Pottery

It’s a subject I can’t really ignore being a UK business with a wide array of customers. It’s really hard to predict the effect Brexit will have and there are a few changes to mail especially in the EU which will change.

I’m anticipating that UK internal mail will not change for delivery times. Mail times to the USA and rest of the world will also likely not change significantly. It’s mail into the EU zone which will change. Already all mail leaving the UK is required to have a customs label attached to it even if it is sent out into Europe.

I’d anticipate for mail leaving the UK for the EU to take longer in the short term. This will most likely be due to processing times for mail increasing and potential transportation issues. Once you receive your parcel it’s likely that at the moment you won’t be asked for a customs payment. In the future I would expect that you will have to pay an importing fee from the UK depending on the policy within the country you reside.

Unfortunately it’s really difficult to give you, the customer, all the information that you need when the landscape is still so unknown. If there are any updates on how this will affect things moving forward I’ll try and put this information out there to you all!

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