6 Feb 19

Northallerton post office

If you live in Northallerton you might be aware of the changes taking place at Northallerton Post Office. Royal Mail are planning on closing the branch to relocate it to WH Smith in the town center. Over the next few weeks they’re holding a consultation process to get feedback from members of the public about the closure.

From my personal point of view I don’t really agree with the closure, its quite a busy post office in a prominent place on the high street. I’ve been taking my mail there for about 5-6 years now and have always found the staff to be friendly, helpful and to provide good advice on navigating the postal system.

On a practical level for me it means having to take my parcels further, it’ll be 240 meters from it’s current location. Which doesn’t sound like much but at Christmas making multiple trips in the same day there and back will be more troublesome. Also navigating the isles of WH Smith with a trolley loaded with parcels to the back of the store will be quite difficult! At the moment I would say it will actively affect customer orders getting dispatched from the studio.

I’m also quite suspicious of how long the branch of WH Smith’s in Northallerton will actually stay open. It worries me that eventually it might also close and the town will have no post office after that time.

If you live in Northallerton or use the post office here I would highly recommend getting in touch with Royal Mail comments@postoffice.co.uk


Just a quick note this time to say I got accepted for WoolNEss! It’s my first knitting show since 2012. It’s been a long time! I’ll be posting a bit more about this next week but I’ll be there 2nd – 4th of August!

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