13 Feb 19

Light pulls

I’ve been working on a lot of new light pull styles for the shop. They’re surprisingly good sellers, it seems a lot of you have trouble finding pulls you like! These small items really add character of their own to a room and come in all the colours from the glaze chart.

I’ve tried to offer a range of styles and colours, it’s really noticeable that some people want large size pulls and small ones. I guess it depends on where they’re being used. Bathroom pulls typically I think of being larger and ones on blinds will be smaller and less noticeable.

As part of the new range of pulls I’ve been experimenting with this animal shaped ones. They come as a set of three and feature different woodland animals; owl, frog and rabbit. They’re a little more stylistic than a typical light pull.

If you wanted these without the hole in the top they’d also make great ornaments and I’m not adverse to doing that so I’d recommend getting in touch! You can also now find a dedicated light pull section in my Etsy shop as the range has been continuing to grow.

Price increases

Price increases in the shop are now complete! You should now find the pricing changes a little more ‘flat’. So there’s a little less variation in pricing. I’ve also lately been trying to improve the photography across the shop to better reflect the quality of what items look like now.

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