20 Feb 19

Ceramic awards

Do you know someone who’s a member of a sports team or event organiser who is looking to get an award or commemorative item made for them? Over the last few years I’ve worked with a variety of people to produce custom bespoke awards

It’s a different kind of challenge from making dinnerware and items for use in the home. Sometimes these pieces are purely decorative and other times their functional aspect is secondary. I always like to come up with ideas and designs that reflect something of the theme of the event as well. It’s a kind of one to one bespoke service that I don’t think you’d find elsewhere. Certainly not if your used to ordering plastic trophies online!

I think a lot of people who’ve had awards from me like the fact that they often get a functional item that can be used everyday.

There’s always a lot of lettering on awards and fitting it on can be quite challenging. All the lettering that gets added to pieces is done by hand creating quite a unique look.

Pieces for weddings

I’ve been working on a lot of pieces for weddings lately, I guess late spring to early summer is the traditional wedding season. I do also take custom orders for commemorative wedding items. The number of these that are on order at the moment is slowing down general production at the moment but hopefully everything will be back to normal by the end of the month!

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