17 Jan 19

Price increases

Place setting in vanilla cream

When you run an online business pricing is always a challenge. It’s a fine balance creating a pricing structure that’s realistic for the amount of work that goes into every piece.

It’s been a long time since I last put up prices and since then the costs of running the business have gone up. Everything from the cost of raw materials like clay and glazes to transaction fees on Etsy. After this busy Christmas period an increase in prices was kind of inevitable.

Most of the re-pricing is taking place in the ‘Made to order’ sections of the Etsy shop. This includes yarn bowls, at the moment I do have a few in stock yarn bowls left from Christmas. These are going to stay on Etsy at the old price until the end of January, after that time they’re going to be removed so catch them while you can!

It’ll take a while for price increases to be shop wide. Some of them will be minor but it certainly helps when you run a small business! Somehow I always think talking about money is a taboo or awkward subject even though it shouldn’t really be.

Wool yarn bowls

New year planning

Along side price changes I’ve also been doing some other new year planning. Currently I’m looking at the events I’ve been doing the last couple of years and trying to change the schedule a bit. I am planning to attend at least one wool related event this year. Last time I did that was Woolfest in 2012! I don’t always get accepted for events but as soon as I know about it I’ll post it here.

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