9 Jan 19

Bird yarn bowls

Bird yarn bowls

I’ve been neglecting the blog since October! Since then I’ve introduced new bird yarn bowls into my Etsy shop! These are intended to be a signature style because of course they look like little wrens with upright tails. They’re the smaller bowl shaped yarn bowl and can be ordered from any of the colours on the glaze chart.

Every one is made and decorated by hand so sometimes they have a slightly different personality! The pieces are hand thrown and then the tails and beaks attached once the pot is leather hard. They’re ideal for weights of yarn up to 50 grams of double knit weight. The curve for yarn on these runs the opposite way to the star bowls an if your working with a very fine yarn you could even run it through one of the eyes.

I think my favourite colour for them has to be either the Ocean Blue or Natural Brown. Brown being the most natural colour for a little wren but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one in green! These do take a little more time to make and that’s reflected in the price since there’s a bit more ‘making’ in them. When I’m working in the studio and there’s a lot of them on the bench I do feel as if they’re watching me working!

Folksy shop

Unfortunately I’ve decided to close my Folksy shop for now, I’ll be concentrating on Etsy as my main shop in the future. The listings on there won’t be renewed once they expire, I’ve been finding it to be a strain to keep more than one shop running at once. It’ll also help to improve the quality of Etsy listings.

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