21 Sep 18

Battle of the Standard, Northallerton

Battle of the Standard Beakers

I’ve been working on a lot of larger orders at the moment. One of these orders was for the commemoration of the Battle of the Standard which happened in September. For the event I worked with the commemoration committee to create a unique design for the event.

A beaker was chosen to reflect the time period – which is for a medieval look. All the other design elements were chosen to fit this theme. The medallion on the front is intended to look like a medieval helmet and it was created by using a sprig mold, the relief effect of the design creates quite dynamic shadows to suggest a face underneath the helmet. Because it’s a commemorative set these are also dated 2018 – 1138 when the battle took place.

Battle of the Standard

Creating beakers

Each beaker is partially glazed in vanilla cream. During medieval times the range of glazes available were much more limited. All that was on offer were earthy tones mostly pale shades, browns and greens. The rainbow of glaze colours that’s available to the modern potter just wasn’t yet an option. Working on these types of commission is a real challenge, to meet the deadline and the project budget. It is workable however and it is possible to create really unique set of items for an event.

Christmas orders

So Christmas is right around the corner! I know it doesn’t really feel like it. Hopefully my next post won’t take as long to write as this one did. I’ll be going over a few ordering tips coming up to the Christmas and New Year period. I’ll be doing an event this Christmas as well at Tennants Auction House, it’ll be my only festive event of the year.

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