16 May 18

Hambleton Community Awards

Hambleton community awards 2018

I very nearly forgot to blog about this years Hambleton Community Awards! I’ve been making these awards for a few years now and they’ve transformed in that time to become increasingly abstract. It’s pretty rare that I get asked to make things that are more decorative than functional. It’s become an opportunity to showcase skills that I don’t really use as much.

This years awards came from a scrapped idea from the previous year. Never totally scrap your old ideas! Sometimes they just need a little more time and work than others. These awards are intended to look like three people holding hands to support each other. I experimented a lot with the number of people positioned around the top. Too many and it looks too much like a castle or chimney pot.

Three ended up being the optimum number but because each vase is hand thrown the gap between each person is actually different. So I had to come up with a sliding flexible template to compensate for the different diameters. The heart shape between the hands of each person is actually a pretty late addition to this design. It helps to create more space between each of the people and looks pretty cute!

Every one was hand lettered using a small character set I have which creates a deep clear impression. It’s sometimes difficult knowing the best way to letter these since its often quite a bit of text to squeeze on there!

Awards lineup

Homegrown Food Festival

June is creeping up on us pretty rapidly and that means summer time food fair! You’ll find me at the Homegrown Food Festival here in Northallerton. I’m currently getting stock together for this event so if there’s anything you’d like to pre-order and collect just let me know. Thanks!

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