5 Apr 18

Kpop X Fitness Northallerton

KpopXFitness Northallerton

If you know me in real life you may have heard me talking about my new fitness class. I started leading Kpop X Fitness classes here in Northallerton back in January. We meet every Tuesday evening at 6pm in Mill Hill School hall. It’s a great venue because the floor is lightly sprung, spacious and bright!

If your unfamiliar with Kpop X Fitness each session is 50 minutes in length and combines moves from music videos with cardio and HIIT. It is a high intensity low impact class and you will sweat!

You might be more familiar with Zumba and while it is similar to that in that we workout to music the style of dance and intensity is different. If you struggle at Zumba with body rolls, hip rolls and booty shaking KpopX doesn’t include any of those things. All we ever work is arms and legs; sometimes same arm and leg but also opposite arms and legs which is more difficult. It’s a great all over body workout for cardio and body toning.

For me though the major bonus is the music! I love Kpop! I always try and pick a combination of catchy songs, new hits on the Korean chart and routines that give a great workout. You won’t find anywhere else in North Yorkshire playing BTS at such a loud volume on a Tuesday night!

You can find out more about KpopXFitness in Northallerton over on Facebook.

Why a fitness class?

Things started out small for KpopXFitness Northallerton and have grown a little over the 13 weeks I’ve been running it so far. Alot of you might be wondering why I wanted to start a fitness class in the first place. I used to be a regular at Zumba with Helen and when those classes came to an end I was looking around for something else to do.

I’d been working out to Kpop dance videos on YouTube on my own for a while when I discovered the instructors course last October and decided to go for it! Basically I enjoy dancing to Kpop and wanted to share that with other people. Dancing in group fitness classes has made me a more confident person and while a lot of people who walk through the door just want weight loss I hope they find more than that when they leave. My aim is mostly just to have a good time and I hope you’ll join me!

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