25 Apr 18

Kittec Glaze Spray Booth

Kittec Spray Booth

One of the most popular posts on this website is actually about my Kittec Kiln. I’m often pretty surprised about this! Lately I bought a new piece of Kittec equipment for the studio, a spray booth. I’ve never actually owned a spray booth before and this is quite a serious investment for the studio even though from the photos it doesn’t look like much.

When I glaze my work I pretty much spray everything using a spray gun and ever since I started Little Wren Pottery I’d been doing this outside. But it gets pretty cold outside in winter and when it’s very windy you can get glaze spray back in your face. I felt like last winter was the last one I wanted to spend glazing outdoors!

Pottery spray booth

I’ve had this spray booth for nearly a month now so it’s gotten a fair bit of use. The booth itself is a metal enclosure with a filter mesh at the back. I put in a tray at the bottom to catch excess glaze and to make it a bit easier to clean. The mesh is removable and you do need to clean it ideally at the end of every glazing session.

There is an extractor fan and this vents out through a window. However the best part of this spray booth is the air filtering system in that you don’t actually need to vent outside at all. The air filter captures the particles and pushes out clean air back into the room. The turntable in the pictures here also doesn’t come with the booth and you do really need one for glazing.

It has improved my glazing a bit but most importantly I can now do it inside. It’s also reduced the amount of time I spend glazing significantly. Like I said before I’ve never owned one of these before so I can’t compare it to other booths but it’s compact size and easy functionality are really beneficial to studio life. I bought my spray booth from Sedgefield Pottery Supplies.

Glazing in the studio

Craft Fair

I’m looking ahead now to June when I’ll be selling my work at the Homegrown Food Festival. It’s an opportunity for you to come and see my work in person. It’s a great day out but it’s coming round fast! I’ll be posting more about this event in the coming weeks.

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