28 Mar 18

Yarn bowls in knit.wear magazine

knit.wear magazine

This month you’ll find Little Wren Pottery yarn bowls in the knit.wear! It’s an international magazine published quarterly by Interweave Press. You’ll find Little Wren Pottery in the Spring/Summer edition on page 4.

It’s a great publication with a variety of different types of projects, knitting doesn’t stop just because it’s summer! Most of the patterns in knit.wear are knit in the round which isn’t my favored technique but I’m slowly getting used to it. I’d also say it’s nice to see a magazine with so many cardigan patterns. I wear cardigans way more than jumpers even though they require a bit more work to complete.

The Vanilla Cream ‘Wool’ yarn bowls are featured inside this issue as a product spread of greens and creams. Great spring colours! If your looking to order one for yourself you can find them listed in my Etsy shop.

knit.wear magazine

Bird yarn bowls

So some of you might have seen over on Instagram and Facebook that I’ve recently started working on another new style of yarn bowl. I’m currently working on a set of samples to get them through the production process. I’ll be posting the results of the glazing since there’s been a lot of interest in them already! It’ll be a couple weeks before you can order these through the shop though.

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