19 Mar 18

Yarn bowl seconds sale

Spring tends to be a quiet time for online sales so it’s time for a seconds sale. I was going to wait until the Easter holidays but after getting a few people emailing asking for in stock yarn bowls I think it’s time. After Christmas, Valentines and Mother’s Day the year really starts to feel like it’s settling down. With this in mind I’m having a small sale of yarn bowls over on Etsy.

Yarn bowl sale

During the process of making pots you often end up with seconds so I’m having a seconds sale. It’s just an inevitable part of making things that are handmade. I tend to save up the seconds yarn bowls so I can have little sales like this so they appear together at the same time on the website.

They’re mostly items where the glaze has blistered or there’s been some inconsistent glazing to the piece. The high heat of the glaze firing can often lead to warping as well so a few of these have some slight issues with that. They’re all marked down in price and they’re ideal if your looking to pick up a little something for yourself.

I’m also continuing the sale of discontinued yarn bowls but there aren’t many of these left now.

Yarn bowl discount

New yarn bowl styles

I’ll be introducing a new style yarn bowl to the shop in the next week. You’ll be able to purchase leaf yarn bowls from the shop in the colours from the current glaze chart. These will be new for spring and will hopefully be in stock right through this Christmas and into January 2019. Watch out for a blog post about this new style very soon!

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