2 Mar 18


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails from customers asking about packaging. To send pottery through the post does take a lot of careful packing so that it’ll arrive with you successfully.

Void Fill

I send out the majority of my work in double thickness cardboard boxes. These are pretty sturdy and thick boxes partially made from recycled cardboard pulp. You can in most areas recycle brown cardboard no problem in your recycling bin.

Inside each box I firmly fill the empty space around each pot with void fill. I get a lot of questions about this in particular because if you order a large box you’ll get a lot of it! The void fill I use is called ‘Eco-flow’. It’s made from maize starch and has no added colourings. Eco-flow will eventually biodegrade away to nothing, it dissolves in water. It’s up to you how you’d prefer to dispose of it, you can simply throw it away or it can be composted down if you have access to a garden.

I wrap each pot with bubble wrap, this is probably the trickiest part of packaging to recycle. Different areas have slightly different recycling facilities locally. If in your area you have access to plastic film recycling, like plastic bag recycling, you’ll be able to do that with this. If not I would recommend keeping it an reusing it rather than throwing it away if at all possible.

Other items in the box like crepe paper and the business card can also be recycled with your standard paper and card recycling.

Postage delivery times

So you might be aware of ‘The Beast from the East’ is currently affecting all parts of the UK. The event I was scheduled to be at this weekend has been cancelled. Orders are still dispatching out but due to the challenging weather conditions may take longer to arrive. I’d guess that mail is starting to get backed up in the system after a few days of failed deliveries.

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