21 Mar 18

Leaf yarn bowls

Leaf yarn bowl

Leaf yarn bowls are now available as made to order items from my Etsy shop! These are brand new for 2018. These are larger barrel shaped yarn bowls so they’ll accommodate everything from lace weight to a chunky style yarn. You can select them in all the colours from the glaze chart, it’s upto you to decide your favourite! They look striking in the ocean blue also they work really well in Natural Brown for an autumnal feel.

Each of these has a very simple curl hook which is supposed to represent a tree branch. At the end of the branch you’ll find the leaf which has been applied by hand with a 3D effect. You can see it stands slightly proud off the surface of the pot, I’ve left them unglazed to provide a higher contrast. Even on the Vanilla Cream versions of this piece you can see a slight difference in the natural clay colour and glaze.

If your wanting a more delicate look the simply clay is a transparent gloss glaze and means the piece has the same colour all over. These will stay in the shop over summer and into the Christmas period. I enjoyed making the Moon and Cat yarn bowls but they’ve been retired for now!

Knitting yarn bowl with leaf

More new yarn bowl styles

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on another new yarn bowl style for the shop. This one will be smaller in size. Since currently I only offer one small yarn bowl style – the little star. Hopefully this will help to extend the variety of yarn bowls currently in the shop. I’ll probably be posting more preview photos of these over on Instagram soon!

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