7 Feb 18

Yarn bowl update

It’s been such a long time since I last posted! Christmas is a time of year when the shop gets extra traffic. Increased sales reveal things about your online shop you’d never thought about before. People both new and repeat customers ask questions and look at your shop with fresh eyes and suggest changes. I usually always update the regular ‘Made to order’ listings every year.

Star yarn bowls

This has been the first year where I’ve really radically changed both the pictures and description. Etsy in particular now allows for 9 picture slots so I wanted to provide more detailed photos of every yarn bowl and colour.

Each yarn bowl listing now comes with at least one detail photo of each of the six colours offered in the glaze chart. I’ve also included in text on each photo what colour it is as I often get asked about the colour of a specific photo.

The glaze chart for these listings has been the biggest change. I thought it would be useful to see the full lineup of colours each time before purchasing. This way you don’t have to ‘imagine’ what a colour on the test tile will look like on a piece. Normally with listings the sample piece colour tends to dominate actual orders. I’m interested to see how these new listings will change the spread of colours in orders! I’ve already had a bit of an increase in people ordering in natural brown which previously was a bit hidden.

Star yarn bowls

Craft Fair

I know it feels a bit early to be talking about March but I’m doing the Spring Time Made by Mummy Market at Thief Hall on the 3rd. The hours of this event are short, it runs just the afternoon from 1pm – 4pm.

I’ll be posting about this again closer to the time!

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