23 Feb 18

Made by Mummy Markets – Spring Time Market

Made by Mummy Markets

My first market of the year is coming up in a couple of weeks. The Made by Mummy Markets Spring Time Market is happening next weekend! It’s a two day event at Thief Hall which is just outside of Northallerton at Thornton-le-Moor. It’s a great hall with some fantastic countryside views!

It runs for two days over Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th, Little Wren Pottery will actually be there on both days. Some vendors will change over the two days so it’ll be different depending on which day you visit. Entry is £1 and under 16’s are free.

There’ll be a variety of sellers on the day including myself; everything from art and soft furnishings to chocolate and cakes. Both Easter and Mother’s Day are coming up so it’s the ideal place to find an unusual and unique gift. The best thing about Thief Hall considering the weather forecast is that it’s all indoors!

You can find out more about the day on madebymummymarkets.com and on Facebook.

If you can’t make it next weekend don’t worry I’ll be doing more events during 2018 and this year I’ll actually be doing more than usual! My next event after this one will be the Homegrown Food Festival held in June. It’s a busy and popular event especially when the weather is good!

Yarn bowl sale

The yarn bowl sale is still ongoing in the shop and I’m working hard to create new yarn bowl designs for the shop. I’m hoping to have a few preview images to share with you next week. At the moment I’d expect Moon yarn bowls will sell out in a couple weeks if your after one of these I’d recommend placing your order soon!

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