3 Nov 17

New Look sewing pattern 6764

New Look Sewing pattern

I hadn’t done any sewing for a while and I needed a gift. I also had some fabric that’d been sitting in the stash for a while. It was the perfect storm for a new project! So here we are, I’m not the most experienced at sewing. I tend to pick beginner patterns, ideally anything that’s super easy or 1 hour. That doesn’t mean I actually find it easy! These 1 hour patterns don’t actually include all the time you spend prepping the fabric prior to sewing.

I had 2 meters of cotton for this, I bought it in Japan so I knew I couldn’t get any more of this! The pattern recommends over 2 meters but fortunately (or unfortunately) I wasn’t making this for someone who’s particularly tall. There are only two pattern pieces to this, so you cut four pieces of fabric. There’s no pockets or buttons so the hardest part is the elasticated waist.

Japanese fabric

I’ll confess I originally put one of the buttonholes in the wrong way round and ended up spending an entire hour putting in one button hole. That was of course my own fault as a novice! I also amended the construction slightly. From making and wearing Pajamas in the past I’ve found the crotch seam to be the first thing to go so I actually re-enforced this seam with bias tape. It also helped to really make it look more like a professional garment with a bit more ‘finishing’ to it.

Overall I’d recommend this especially if your looking to make a gift over the next month or so. Just save yourself some time and put the buttonholes in properly the first time you do it! This is the New Look pattern 6764 which comes with both a mens and womens size along with different lengths of leg.


Current lead times

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