10 Nov 17

Hambleton Sports Awards 2017

This year I got to create the Hambleton Sports Awards. The awards are given to both teams and individuals who are involved in local sports throughout the county. Working together with the event organizer Clare we created this unique design. The idea was to create something that had a more traditional ‘award’ look with their fluted shape. These would also make great vases just because of how tall they are.

Hambleton Sports awards

I hand etched each of the central figures into each award. This symbol is intended to represent both the H in Hambleton and a sporting person. As always with Awards the hard part is actually fitting all the text on. Since these have quite a simple decoration the placement of text is also relatively straightforward. For the longer phrases it is pretty hard to get it all aligned into the middle though!

Each award is glazed simply in one colour; forest green which is also the colour of the Hambleton Council logo. Since I was only using one colour for the glaze the central figure has it’s outline unglazed to create a striking contrast. I think it makes them look more eyecatching!

Awards night

Alongside the awards themselves are also mugs. These were created for sports teams where due to their larger size not everyone always gets an award. Mugs make great commemorative gifts as they’re also quite functional too and suitable for just about all age ranges who receive prizes. Congratulations to all the 2017 sports awards winners, I hope you enjoy displaying and using your prizes!

Sports award prizes

Dinner set Christmas orders

Unfortunately I’ll no longer be able to complete dinner sets for before Christmas. This is simply because of the lead times needed to make dinnerware and also the number of sets I currently have outstanding in the run up to Christmas.

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