27 Oct 17

Japanese pottery books

Japanese books

I recently realized how I’ve started to collect books on Japanese pottery. My collection isn’t very big at the moment but I already have my eye on more books! If you have any recommendations please let me know and I’ll check them out.

Inside Japanese Ceramics is a great book if your looking for more practical techniques. A lot of these are unique but common techniques. It includes throwing off the hump and the construction of teapots with a slightly different approach. The majority of photos in the book are black and white but they have a very clear reprint, you can find some colour photos in the front. Most Japanese pottery books feature some of the history and regional variation of pottery in Japan and this one dips into it but it isn’t the main focus. If your looking for a book on throwing, hand building and even decorative techniques I would strongly recommend it.

Inside Japanese Ceramics

The Japanese Pottery Handbook is a long format book which means it’s actually really hard to store it on a bookshelf. Despite this it’s actually a really good book. Instead of photographs it’s heavily illustrated throughout beautifully. It covers just about everything you could think of from tools and techniques to the layout of a typical pottery studio. What makes this book stand out though is the inclusion of Japanese, Romaji and English. It’s also got suggested places to visit in the back of the book if your fortunate enough to find yourself in Japan. I’d recommend this one the most out of the three here.

Japanese Pottery Handbook

The final book here is actually in Japanese, I bought this at JP Books in London. It’s published by TJ Mook and is basically a pottery textbook. The layout of the book is interesting since the first part is a student and teacher discussing pottery. The rest of the book focuses on specific areas of pottery production and features one pot from a traditional kiln. There are some suggested touring itineraries for each area. A lot of the pots featured in this book are actually quite famous and you might have seen them reprinted in other books or in TV programs. The colour prints throughout this book are really attractive even if your Japanese isn’t that good.

Japanese textbook

Christmas orders

At the moment orders for Christmas are starting to increase, I’ll still be sticking to dispatching dates I’ve set out. I’d strongly recommend getting your order in sooner rather than later for Christmas delivery! As the weeks progress I’ll be keeping an eye on how things are going.

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