22 Sep 17

Matcha Roll Cake

Matcha roll cake

I love Matcha, the stronger the better! Matcha is a type of Japanese stone ground green tea which is a fine powder. It’s got quite a distinctive grassy taste which can be quite bitter. Generally I order my tea from Japan Center. They have a really huge selection of Matcha and they’ve even started stocking cooking grade Matcha. I often find that Matcha looses it’s taste over time so I would recommend once you buy it to do so in a small quantity to use it more quickly.

This roll cake is a dessert that’s fairly common in Japan and it was an opportunity for me to use the end of a can. I followed the Cooking With Dog recipe which was really easy to follow. Honestly it’s not that hard to roll a roll cake haha! I would recommend sifting your flour and matcha quite well though. You can see in mine I missed out on the vibrant green colour due to this. Powdered tea is quite prone to clumping together when what you really want is a nice fine distribution.

sweet roll cake

The sponge for this cake is a fat-less sponge made with egg whites for a springy texture. It’s got a really light texture that’s actually quite addictive. My other tip would be to measure your swiss roll tin carefully since my sponge was maybe too thin. It would have benefited from having an extra egg in it just to create a thicker roll!

It’s been quite a long time since I last blogged! I took the photos for this back in August and it’s now late September. Clearly I’m out of the habit. I have been working on a few things ‘behind the scenes’ on this website. As sites get older they need more maintenance due to all the content.

matcha cake

Christmas Fair

This Christmas you’ll find me at Tennant’s Auction Market in Layburn for their Winter Wonderland event. This will be the 8th and 9th of December. I’ll have a few more details for this in the next few weeks. I’ll also be reviewing the calendar for the end of year postage dates. So many people out there are really quite organised this year and are asking early!

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