17 Aug 17

Cat yarn bowls now made to order

Cat yarn bowl

A few weeks ago I posted that Cat yarn bowls would be available in the shop as made to order items. The listing for this is now live so they’re now ready to be ordered! I was keen to get the changes to yarn bowls completed before the busy winter season starts.

These photos give a better impression of the size and what a finished glazed piece actually looks like. As you can see the faces on these are unglazed. This is to give a greater contrast with the darker colours like green or blue.

The dark colours contrast really well and you can still see the detail of the cat face pretty clearly even though it’s not glazed. Being unglazed gives a kind of sandy colour and texture, this is the clay’s natural colour.

Completed cat bowl

Cat knitting bowl

Each tail hook is hand cut so each one will be unique in appearance. This sample is glazed in natural brown but obviously you can order them in any of the colours from the current glaze chart.

Coincidentally the next thing I’ll be looking to update in the shop will be the glaze chart as it’s quite an old version. Some colours have now been discontinued leaving blank spaces on the chart. I’ll also be adding an additional colour to the chart just to add more choices. Since smokey blue has gone from the chart it’s left room for another glaze. I’ll let you know once it’s changed!

Cat knitting bowl

Yarn bowl lead times

At the moment I keep getting questions about yarn bowl lead times. Long lead times are just affecting plates at the moment and yarn bowls aren’t affected by this at all. Lead times for yarn bowls are still in the 1-2 weeks and haven’t yet increased for the Christmas rush. If you have any questions about lead times of course you can get in touch!


  1. Kathy Bean says:

    Hi I purchased a yarn bowl “cat” from you on 5 th March and just wondering how long it takes for delivery please xx

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